Thanksgiving Thankful #6- 2014 edition

It seems cheesy and a bit of a diva reason, but today I am absurdly thankful for water.
For the last two weeks my house has not had water. Now we could turn it on for a few minutes, fill up buckets/pots/pans/etc., but no running water.  I truly had no idea of the amount of water I took for granted each day. Washing my face, hands, taking a shower, doing dishes, flushing the toilet, brushing my teeth, etc. we're all of a studen a burden and more cumbersome without the simplicity of running water.

We had a leak which led to the discovery that the whole pipe had gone bad. So it is now replaced and we have fresh, running water! I have never enjoyed washing my face and brushing my teeth more than today.  There is a different level of fresh and clean feeling (at least for me).

So while it was inconvenient and at times less then fresh or clean feeling this experience taught me a great deal about home care, city processes, and a better appreciation for how lucky I am to have fresh, clean and pressurized water when needed.