Redeem This by Cami Checketts, book review

General Information
Genre:Clean Romance/Thriller
Publisher: Birch River Publishing
Published Date: February 16, 2015

Book Summary (Per Goodreads)
Some men are beyond redemption. Alex is one of them.

After Alex Chakhota was blackmailed and manipulated into becoming a hit man to protect his sister, serving time as the FBI’s assassin doesn’t do much to ease his conscience. His next assignment brings him face to face with Brittany, a beautiful woman that believes he’s more than the killer he’s been made into. The road to redemption is long for someone with a blackened soul, and with lives hanging in the balance, Alex has a short deadline.

Detective Scott Bentley’s days of law enforcement are behind him. When he's asked to host agents at his secluded ranch for an FBI sting operation, Scott cannot refuse. Ivy McMahon shows up with the team, and Scott gets more than he signed up for. Not only can she hack into the any computer system, she's found a way into Scott's heart. The trouble is that she’s in protective custody and when the job ends, she'll disappear.

With danger crowding too close, it might take more than a hit man and a hacker to save the day, it might take true love.
Is redemption possible for those whose lives are scarred by the past? With danger crowding close, not even love may have a chance to redeem before it's too late.

My Thoughts
I enjoyed the first book Blog This, but I loved this book.  I will admit there were some parts that I did not see how someone could be that open minded or open-hearted, but that is also what led me to just appreciating this book and its TWO love stories even more!  This book took two of my favorite characters from the last book and shared their own stories of finding true happiness.  Each story was fully developed and could stand alone, but together it brought an even richer appreciation of the changes and trust that the individuals had to develop to allow their love to happen.

When I finished this book I was like I think these may be some of my favorite characters and story lines in a while.  Due to how much I loved this book I waited to write my review because I wanted to ensure I actually did enjoy it that much.  Again, it is rare that I like, let alone love, a character who was the bad guy or "villain" in the story.   I think the closest I have come to liking the "bad guy" would be Voight on Chicago PD (another story another post I know!!).  It is also rare that I am torn on who my favorite character is in a story, but again here I face that quandary. I think the connection I have with both of those rarities for me is that I do think this story, along with Blog This, could be a TV show or movie.  It would have romance, friendship, drama (helllooo living with the man who had a hand in killing your fiance...I don't think so!), action, and more..I think that screams that people would enjoy seeing this on the screen.  

I talked about it being a TV option, in my opinion, in the first books post so I won't go on, but I do want to share one more thing that I loved about this story.  I cannot even begin to tell you how I am still shaking my head and LOVING the twists and turns in the plot of this story.  I mean I thought there were at least 3 gotcha or what moments that I did not see coming.  One had my mouth dropping open, one I was crying and one was like shut the front door.  All in all I can't say that waiting to write my review changed the amount I enjoyed this book at all... in fact after waiting to write it I would go on and say I enjoy it more now that I had time to reflect on all the good parts and details!

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Disclaimer:  I received this book in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own!