Chebe Gluten Free Pizza- REVIEW

I love pizza.  I think it is fantastic.  Unfortunately pizza does not love me.  I have tried many types of pizza and still get sick...sooo I have been trying to be more aware of gluten items and trying to incorporate that into my life and see if I feel better.

*Yes I know that it is recommended to go to a doctor, but when I went I was told nothing is wrong with me..and yet I still get ill frequently..sooo**

I got this Pizza as a "gift" from family to try and see if it would make me sick or not.  Well I made it last night and...I thought it was FANTASTIC..and BONUS no illness afterwards!

It was super easy to make...just 2 tbsp of oil, 2 eggs, optional cheese (I used cheddar), and then 1/4 cup water or milk (I used silk).  Once everything is put into a bowl just mix and blend until smooth.  From there I placed it on a pan, spread it out for a good amount and then added my ingredients.  Once all of the ingredients were placed on the crust I baked it for 15 minutes...then another 4 minutes b/c the middle of the pizza was still mushy(ish).

I used a general tomato sauce once I was happy with how the crust was spread out.  Though I should have spread out more is why I think the middle was mushy.


My second topping was baby spinach.  The pizza recipe I found called for basil, but I did not have that so I used baby spinach which I think is one of the best things ever!

Huge fan of mozzarella here..especially the mozzarella I had some in my fridge.  I just took them and broke them in half and scattered them over my pizza.

 The last ingredient I put on the pizza was the absolutely flavorful and to-die-for prosciutto.  YUMMMO

Out of the oven..making my mouth water just looking at the pizza!! 

The topping recipe for this pizza came from the back of the prosciutto good!

I would most certainly use this recipe again and I already have the pizza mix listed on my next grocery list!!

Do you have a favorite pizza mix?  Do you make yours without the aid of a box mix?  Let me know!