Daily Chef Spanakopita- REVIEW

I love LOVE love Spanakopita!!  I make my parents go with me to the local Greek restaurant at least once as week so I can order it.  When I go to the Greek festival each year I must have it.  And I must go to more than one city's Greek festival!  These things are delicious!

So when we were at Sams Club the other day and saw these I had to try them!  Overall they are good.  They do not have the exact same flavor profile as the fresh ones from the Greek restaurant or festival in my home town, but I also can't tell what exactly is missing.

They come 6 in a row, don't break apart before cooking and very easy to separate after cooking.

Much smaller than the ones I get at the restaurant and festival, so this is actually three that I placed to take a picture and have my family try.

As I said they overall are good and while I would prefer to go the Greek restaurant, on days I couldn't get there or they are closed this would be a great item to have in your house.  You never know when you might need a quick Spanakopita fix!