Green Eggs and Ham?? Not quite!

Leftovers, hungry and not sure what to make?? Yup that is me on most days, but especially me in the mornings!

Well today I made a yummmmyy breakfast instead of just grabbing a yogurt cup (though nothing is wrong with that b/c I love my yogurt!!)

I had some leftover monkey bread...heated it up and it is still delic!  Then I scrambled some eggs with cheese...a fav...and oven roasted some bacon!!  Making my mouth water just typing about it:)

Monkey bread- I heated it for 30 seconds and that was plenty
Eggs- took 2 eggs for me and 2 eggs for dad- broke in a cup, whisked them together, took some irish cheddar and grated it into it..then small skillet and scrambled it up
Bacon- normally I am NOT a fan of bacon..but this was soo good.  I followed Ina Gartens recipe for the oven roasted bacon and it tasted so much better!!

does this not look AMAZING!! and yes I pulled the Christmas dishes out already:)
 love how festive they are!!!!

side notes:
* I touched, moved, peeled the bacon slices off of each other and did not squeal, eckk, or grimace (PROGRESS my friends)
** I took the rest of the bacon and cooked it up and then chopped it even smaller to put on some deviled eggs that I will post about later today!!...sooo good:)