Thanksgiving Thankful #14

I am thankful for the food network today...silly and random yes but oh so true!

I am just starting to learn how to in I have never cooked something harder than a boxed cake or mac n cheese until the last few months.  Food network has been one of my favorite channels for a while, but over the last few months it has been my go to guide on how to cook in the kitchen!

Since then I have made...and not from a box:)...

Apple pie
Baked lemonade pork chops
Mashed potatoes
Corn casserole
Beef stew
Vegetable soup
Cajun seasoned rice and stew
Honey mustard glazed cod
Fish stew
Pineapple blueberry crunch cake

Other recipes have been attempted but were not successful (aka the dill pickle soup from Triple D) but it has been fun nonetheless!

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