Thanksgiving Thankful #15

I am grateful today and everyday for my eyesight.

Until 2008 I was reliant on thick glasses, contacts, people helping me, etc.  I had -15 in one eye and -14 in the other eye.  At this level I could vaguely see shapes and colors without my contacts, but nothing else.  If I wore my glasses I had almost no peripheral vision.

Now in 2012 I still have 20/20 vision in both eyes!!  I am so grateful for the procedure, VISIAN ICL, which allowed me to have this gift.  When I went in for testing I found that I could not have regular lasik surgery due to the severity of my poor vision so I started crying.  Then my doctor came in and said I would maybe be a great candidate for this newish surgery.  After a few hours (yes hours) of tests on my eyes, eye cells, etc. they found that I would be a great candidate for this surgery!  A few weeks later I had the first of a three part surgery, then had to wear my eye glasses for a month while the new duct path (wrong name) healed, then had the procedure where the implantable lenses were placed in my eyes! pheww..

When I woke up on my first eye I had 20/60 vision immediately.  It was AMAZINg..I still remember how shocked I was that I could open my eye and see.  The next procedure had my eye at 20/200 and I was terrified b/c everything was blurry.  Thankfully my doctor was/is a rockstar and she calmed me down explaining how each eye heals differently.  Sure enough within a few weeks I was at 20/20 in both eyes!!!

The first time I did an eye test at this sight was so weird!  I had never just been able to cover one eye and read the page/phamplet thing.  I always had to have the big metal glasses on my face etc.

So yes this is a long blog, but my vision, this procedure and my doctor are things/people that I am thankful for today and everyday!!  Not being able to see was so scary and now having the ability to wake up and see is just incredible.