Thanksgiving Thankful #17


I love music, how it makes you feel, dance, laugh, cry, etc. and today it is what I am thankful for.

The background music that can make you remember a movie, a memory, a friend, a joke, etc.  The music in a car that calls you to sing/dance etc with it and not care that people will be seeing you break it down in a vehicle.  I love the piano and the music it and other instruments can create.

Music is a conduit for so many emotions, memories and expressions.  I am very thankful for the creation and enjoyment of music today.


  1. I absolutely LOVE music. We can be at the grocery store, and a song comes on...And I'll tel my kids "5th grade," telling them that's what year the song was from! They always laugh, because how could I remember what year? No idea, but I do. And music is a common language, because it can speak to everyone, every where.


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