Thanksgiving Thankful #20

That is it thanksgiving week!!!

I am sooo beyond excited for tomorrow because it is the Thanksgiving Day parade in my hometown.  I have loved this parade since I moved here at the age of 5 or 6.  It is wonderful to see the holiday spirit, the community, the decorations, etc.  Even better it is the true start of the holiday with my family for me!

I am thankful that it is here because I love it, but also because it is another reminder I am of how lucky I am to have my father with me.  For 6 years in a row we spent the holidays in hospitals for his cancer treatments, emergency surgery, illness due to cancer, etc.  Last year we spent thanksgiving at home but Christmas Eve in the ER...sooo when it gets to the holiday time I am reminded of how fortunate I am that my dad is still with me and how thankful I am that we get to spend the holidays together!