May's Must Reads

I am trying a new thing that I have enjoyed off the vlogs I watch for beauty and hair tips!  haha no worries, I am not branching out least not quite yet:)-

This is a monthly feature of books that just won't get out of my mind.  The genre's will be mixed, the authors varied.

Please check these amazing artists out and let me know some authors that I should check out!

Kristen extraordinaire!  Really I could have chosen any of her books, but this book is just delicious.  Tack is sweet but bad, harsh but gentle, loving but brutal...and all in the same package.  Red aka Cherry aka Tyra sounds like one of the coolest characters of all time...seriously her fashion, attitude and approach to love/family/ NEED to check this book out.
Easy to read, easy to follow and better yet...huge amount of support from on line communities.  I read it and then googled about it...immediately I found online support on Facebook, Pinterest, Yahoo communities, etc.  However, I will say it is more on my mind for the exercises & recipes provided then the suggested meal plans.
A little bit of this and a little bit of that.  Christine Feehan makes books that people who like thrillers, mystery, romance, sci-fi, scary, sweet, sexy, etc. can all enjoy.  I finished this book last week and still think about the characters and how she deftly interwove these characters into the overlaying story line of her series..
I will try to have a more diverse selection next time, but I have not really read any history, political, religious or pure thriller type books recently that have stuck in my brain.  So that is on my to read and do list!