Tea + detox = teatox

I am working on improving my health, mind and body, and like any rational person I check everything out...symptoms, doctor orders, ideas, suggestions, natural remedies, etc.  something I have been reading about lately and seeing everywhere it seems is teatoxes.

Well I found several companies, but the company I liked the reviews, what I read etc. the most was a company called Your Tea.  They have several teas for several health related issues and a detox tea.  The detox tea comes Ina gluten free version as well!! My interest is up already😜, especially with the havoc gluten has been throwing my way lately! They have 14 and 28 day products so since I am a newbie to the land of teatoxes I played it safe and got the 14 day!

Well it showed up today..talk about fast service!! I bought it on Monday..thank you Memorial Day discount👍🎉👍😄 and I got it first thing today.  Not going to lie I felt like a kid on Christmas morning between this package and another package that will get a blog later on this weekend😳🙈

I wanted to share the packing and my excitement...and then in 15 days I will let you know how it went and how I feel!

Hope everyone has a beautiful weekend!!