Blogger/Vlogger Review- The KitchyKitchen

YouTube has been around for a while (aka 2005..eck!)...but in my world it is still somewhat new!!:)-

In the last few months I have really started watching the videos and trying to achieve the looks, dishes, etc. that I have found.

One of the most recent attempts I undertook was from the YouTube Channel TheKitchyKitchen.  I found her via another vlogger missglamorazzi (whose videos I love to watch and find adorable).

TheKitchyKitchen also has a blog here, which is very user friendly and covers a variety of topics.  One of the main things I love about this blogger/vlogger is that she covers so many topics...from beauty to fitness to nutrition she is easy to follow and provides step by step tutorials.This specific review is on TheKitchyKitchen's video on how to Clean Makeup Brushes

So embarrassingly but forthrightly I never have really thought about makeup brushes really needing to be cleaned because I am not consistent in my use of them...however oh YouTube you have opened my eyes to so many new things to try, think and freak out about!! (seriously hello germ concerns)

In this video Claire, the artist behind all this information, has her cousin present the reasons and an easy step by step guide on how to clean your brushes at home with YES simple and on hand products (this is literally the first time I have had all the items that a recipe or video said was all at home staples!!...I was extremely excited)

If you have 2:25 minutes, baby shampoo, water and two cups or bowls you can easily clean your make up brushes..which for me at least made me feel better about what I was putting on my face, less germy and a success at a DIY attempt!!

Please excuse the blur..I was playing with the flashlight function in my room for lighting...BUT ..these are my CLEAN and oh so SOFT makeup brushes

Final Review: This video is a complete wonder and I would definitely suggest people both new and pros at cleaning brushes give it a whirl.  
TheKitchyKitchen videos and website is a joy to learn, explore and play on!  It covers a little bit of everything and the videos or blogs are of the length and tone that many can enjoy and take something from:)

Till next time my lovelies!