Tea for me tea for you...let's have a tea review-Starbucks Teavana Shaken Tea

First off I am admittedly not a coffee drinker...at all...love the smell and detest the taste. But tea, oh tea, I love. The aroma, the taste, the aftertaste, the blends of flavors ... It is quite simply fantastic.

Thus I am somewhat picky about teas...I don't like it to dark or bold, yet I don't want overly sweet and syrupy.  I had heard a few people talk about Starbucks Teavana drinks, but I had not tried them yet since at the time I was not a regular Starbucks customer. But then it was my birthday..and that fantastic marketing company sent me a birthday drink FREE!!! Hello I love free and birthday items...I will post another blog soon on many great companies that celebrate your birthday with goodies! But getting back to my thoughts on the Teavana shaken teas.

These teas come in a variety of flavors, some permanent and some seasonal.  Also they offer each flavor as a tea or a tea lemonade. I have mainly tried the tea lemonades, but that is purely you due the fact that I am a sucker for lemonade...I do not know if it is the kid in me, the southern in me, or just my love for summer but there you have it:)
Overall I enjoy this product and the flavors that go into them.  I have tried a few that were not in my flavor house, but I will and have continued to purchase them.  I truly enjoy that Starbucks will let me switch flavors around, make it unsweetened (bcpecause even then Wowza there is a lot of sugar), and that it is very refreshing.

The Iced Blackberry Mojito Tea Lemonade was the first drink..aka FREE birthday drink. It was good, but a little too bitter for my taste (at first) I took a few swallows and about a quarter into the drink I was in love.  Again heavy in sugar so if that is of concern please be careful.  I also had them do a  Iced Passion Tango Tea Lemonade which was davoon.  But my two favorites (at least for now) are unsweetened Iced Peach Green Tea Lemonade and a hybrid of unsweetened green tea & passion tango tea lemonade. No worries..I got these all on different trips:)
Overall I think the flavor is great, the combinations interesting, price is fairly reasonable and it is a great way for non coffee drinkers to enjoy a coffee hangout! If you try one out please let me know what you thought and what flavor combination you went for!

*check out the links for nutritional infos and other goodies on the Starbucks website.

Till tomorrow lovelies!