Jewelry Review

I found this company, Derng, via someone I follow on Instagram and I love them!  Recently they did a flash sale via their IG account and I jumped on board and purchased a few items for a steal of a price:)

I was not sure what quality to expect since the flash sale was AMAZING discount prices, but I was blown away by how high a quality I received.  The earrings have a safe and solid backing, the material is sturdy and finished with a nice gloss.  The necklace makes a very chic statement piece and I can't wait to continue to were them with more outfits. Whenever I have worn them I have received compliments and questions of where to purchase them.  Right now the pink earrings are also on sale:)

Items I purchased and am loving!!
Mine has a teal rose though:)

Items I have on my personal fingers-crossed wishlist:

So many to choose from...ahhh..:) What are your favorite type of jewelry items?