Halloween Spooktacular- Costumes

Costumes can be so tricky or time consuming, but they are always so glorious to discover and provide entertainment with shock and awe to friends, neighbors and others.  Below are some of my favorite Youtube beauty gurus with their Halloween suggestions (with or without an additional costume.  Enjoy the creativity and let me know if you utilize any of these costumes!
Queen of Hearts by Nicole Guerriero
Sexy Vamp by Carli Byble
Mesmerizing Mermaid by Alli
Little Red Rotting Hood by Nicole Guerriero
CleoCatra by Chrisspy
Killer Clown Couple by Nicole Guerriero
Breakfast at Zombie's by Michelle Phan
Last minute Halloween costume ideas by missglamorazzi

Some of these are too much for me to personally try to rock, but how amazing do these ladies look in their makeup and costumes?  The creativity, the artistry, the skill just blow my mind. Inspiring for sure:)

Please let me know what look or costume you decide to enjoy this Halloween!!