It's the Unexpected Surprises that Mean the Most

Today had a lot of frustrations...I mean a lot..but then..yes then..I went to check the mail and I received two surprises that turned the day around and all I can do is just thank God and those who sent me these items because it truly made me rethink my day and just be grateful for all the good around me and caring of others.

I posted earlier today about my 5k anniversary and how I was excited to get the great medal, but was somewhat bummed about not getting the shirt due to poor planning and budget issues on my part.  I got my medal today and was like oh no they got my order wrong because it felt all soft and squishy.  I opened it up and yup there was a tank top in it..that gorgeous Run for the BOObies tank that I wanted.  I was already planning on how to return it when I checked the back of my receipt and saw the most lovely of notes that told me the shirt was for me!  I, no joke, teared up because I was just so happy and grateful to have been thought of.  What customer service and just fantastically thoughtful women who run Flex it Pink.  So I must give an updated picture of what I thought I was getting and what I actually got.
The second item that completely enlivened me and made my day was a postcard that my family received from my aunt and her SO that were on vacation.  While the internet and email sure does make communication faster, there is something about receiving a letter or postcard in the mail that just make you smile (or is that just me?)

Ahh YES to having a great day and a huge thank you to those that helped turn my day into a glorious experience.