Of the Day- Lippie

Today I was running errands with my mom and was feeling the need to spruce up.  It was a perfect time in my mind to play with color and help brighten up what was already a gorgeous day:)

These lips went with this face for my finished look today:)

Products I Used:
Mary Kay Raspberry Lipliner,(I could not find it on my website so I linked it to plum, which I think will really flatter the lip color.)

What I Loved:
The color of the NYX Chunky Dunk was ahh just made you want to sing AAHHHH!! But the real winner here was my lip liner because this NYX did wear off faster than the others:( However, the lip liner (I lined my lip and then filled them in) made my lip color look consistent all day long, which made me extremely happy when I would look at my lips before deciding whether or not to touch them up!