Of the Day- Lippie

I was watching CoffeeBreakwithDani's Youtube channel yesterday (if you haven't checked it out yet..you should.so good and informative!) and she talked about rocking a brown lip.  I had never thought about it, but when I woke up today it was all I could think of and shocker I had a some lippies in the brown family (winner winner chicken dinner!!!)

Products I Used:
Julep in Awestruck on the middle of the lip

What I Thought:
I loved the products as a whole and individually, but it was more bronze then brown.  I enjoyed the way it stayed on my lips and did not feather or bleed even without a lip liner.  So for the look I achieved, I would say the products were a success, but in terms of achieving a good brown lippie I still have some more work to achieve.

Have your rocked a brown lip before?  If so what are your favorite lip products?