In Death-- Favorite Scenes by J.D. Robb- Part 1

I recently have been asked and seen polls asking who my favorite character is or what my favorite book is and quite frankly I can't answer that.  J.D. Robb has such an amazing series and cast of characters that my favorites really rotate per book and per time I read the book. Yes I re-read this series FREQUENTLY:), love, love it!
So, to try and put my favorites in a tangible format I thought I would put together a series where I list some of my favorite scenes through various books in the series.  Now that is not to say that I don't like the books that don't make this list or series, it is just that these scenes are always the ones I look forward to getting to when I am re-reading these stories:)

Naked In Death (Book 1)
 "He dipped a hand into his pocket, drew out what he carried there.  Baffled , Eve stared down at the simple gray button in his palm."
"That's off my suit."
"Yes. Not a particularly flattering suit---you need stronger colors.  I found it in my limo.  I meant to give it back to you."
"Oh." "but when she reached out, he closed his fingers over the button."
"A very smooth lie." "Amused, he laughed at himself.""I had no intention of giving it back to you."
"You got a button fetish, Roarke?"
"I've been carrying this around like a schoolboy carries a lock of his sweetheart's hair."
"Her eyes came back to his, and something sweet moved through her.  Sweeter yet as she could see he was embarrassed." "That's weird."
"I thought so, myself." But he slipped the button back in his pocket. "Do you know what else I think, Eve?"
"I don't have a clue."
"I think I 'm in love with you."
"Don't forget Galahad. The cat saved my life.  Who'd have thought?"
"Then he gets caviar for the whole of his nine lives." "Roarke snapped his fingers and the cat fell happily into step."

Conspiracy in Death (Book #8)
"She'd been a cop for eleven years and couldn't remember ever being sucker punched so effectively.  Her body jerked before she could control it, her mouth went dry.  She heard her own breach catch, then relieves."
"Chief Tibble, am I to understand I'm a suspect in the murder of Officer Bowers?"
. . .
"Lieutenant!" "Whitney whipped the word out, watched her snap around, the fury in her eyes hot and open." "The department must conduct internal and external investigations inot the matter of the death of Officer Bowers.  There is no choice." . . . "While this investigation is open and active, you are suspended from duty."
. . .
"They took my badge." "Suddenly it was real, the brutal realty of it punched like a fist.  And grief gushed up, hot, bitter, to spill out of her eyes. "Roarke."
"I know." He was there, his arms hard around her, holding tight as she began to shake. "I'm sorry, Eve.  I'm so sorry."
. . .
"The New York Police and Security Department offers its apologies to one of its finest for an injustice done to her.  I add my own personal apology to it.  Procedure is necessary, but it is not always equitable.
. . .
"Lieutenant Dallas, this department and myself would suffer a great loss if you refuse these."


Do you have any favorite scenes?  I will post the next in this series hopefully next week with scenes that might come from books 9-18.


  1. I must really try this series because it does sound pretty awesome! And yes, it can be hard to have a favourite of anything because there are so many things to love about lots of things!


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