Shutterfly Love

With technology today there are a plethora, a stupendously amazing amount of sites to go for great photo gifts, projects, etc., but I must say that Shutterfly remains the top one to me.

At times their products can be a bit pricey, but if you do a price comparison they are on point AND they are always offering amazing coupons, discounts, etc.

I won a Shutterfly product from a McDonald's Monopoly card this year and when I went to place my order (super simple and fun BTW) I was given a code to share so I am posting it here!

This, I believe, is 10 free cards for anyone who has not signed up with Shutterfly.  If you haven't please check it out!  I store my pictures there (for free) and it also makes it super convenient to create my projects/gifts when I am able because the pictures are already organized and at the ready!

I can't post what the product is because well Christmas is on the way and it will be a present for someone, but it is beyond adorable and I love it:)  But I will post a copy of the Xmas card that I created for our family this year:) (My sis and I are not on it b/c I don't have a current as in 2014 picture with her and me and our parents)
Aren't they all adorable?? love love love!!

Happy Shopping and finding great coupons!

Here is the link to check out and get the 10 free cards!!! Invite