Thanksgiving Thankful #13- 2014 Edition

Today I am thankful for the medical industry.  I have posted before about my father's struggle at times with health, but each time I am blown away (for the most part) by the caring, proficiency and empathy the medical community has to offer.

This post is because at times working with/dealing with some medical offices can be a struggle, but then you interact with an office (such as dad's primary doctors and specialists) who just are FANTASTIC.  They go out of their way to schedule appointments, work with other doctors, insurance, family members, etc.  It is their caring and follow through (along with crazy smarts) that I do credit a great deal to my dad's continual upswing in health.

So if you are a nurse, pa, doctor, receptionist, schedule coordinator, tech of any kind, etc. please know that you can and do make all the difference to us family members and people handling disease or injury.