Thanksgiving Thankful #16- 2014 Edition

The service industry is a much discussed, often utilized and very under appreciated force.  Today I am incredibly thankful for the service industry, especially a lady in the retail section at Belks.  I had to go shopping today for myself (something I NEVER enjoy) but she was so nice, knew her product, helped me find exactly what I wanted and in a very efficient manner.

Even at checkout she was helping me find coupons, codes, explaining how specials worked there, potential Black Friday sales (couldn't guarantee but spoke of past options), etc.  She turned something I was dreading into what was a very educational and mostly pleasant experience.

I for one know that I will be returning to that Belks and looking for that sales woman because I was incredibly impressed and appreciative of her time, knowledge and assistance.

*I am currently looking for a way to send a note to her manager or that office so that they can know what a superstar she is, if anyone knows how to accomplish that with Belks please let me know!

**Did you know they have a Bra club card where when you buy 6 bras you get one free? Yup I sure got one of those babies!**