Thanksgiving Thankful #4- 2014 Edition

I am thankful today, and really every day, for being born an American.  If you are a consistent reader of my blog this splash of patriotism is not surprising and if your new sit back because I love doing posts on our veterans, holidays, American pride, flags, etc.  I am blessed to be in a country where education, civil rights, diversity, privacy, ability to be yourself, etc. are valued, protected and embraced. (yes I realize that we still hit some obstacles but we are always striving to improve)

Today is election day!  The day our voice gets to be heard, where we the people get to go out and make a difference in how we are lead, the direction our country, state and local government is heading.

I know some say vote straight ticket, others say it won't make a difference just don't vote, but I believe this is a right and a gift that we hold and it is our blessing and civic duty to research the positions of these politicians and then go vote to help make a difference.  So with this thankful post I am going out to enjoy this gorgeous day and I hope y'all go out and vote!