Thanksgiving Thankful #5- 2014 Edition

Today I am thankful for; my little darling diva, polar bear, wharlett, baby bear, little bit, fancy pants, sassy pants aka Scarlett.  The reason I pick her to focus on today is mainly because today my darling diva is 5 years old.  

When Scarlett entered into my life and family she was 10 weeks old, weighed 2.4 pounds and was solid white.  5 years later she weights 3.8-4.2 pounds, has fawn ears and solid black nose, and still has me and my family wrapped around her little paws.

There was a few days/times that I did not think I would see Scarlett turn 5 this year.  Last December she started experiencing cluster seizures and we could not find out why.  However due to the excellent care of our vets she is now doing fantastic.  Occasionally she still has a seizure, but it is not a cluster, not as severe and much shorter in duration. In her 5 years she has had two leg surgeries, gone into shock from some virus that was never determined and started having seizures.  In all these situations she has fought hard, stayed her lovable polar bear self and wiggled herself further into my heart.

My little girl gives the best snuggles, loves to play in my hair, is extremely intelligent and holds her own playing and getting her way with her older and/or bigger siblings.  Happy Birthday my gorgeous baby girl!