Subscription Services- Ipsy December Review

Merry Christmas!!! I kept hearing/reading/seeing that this month's Ipsy was going to be great because it was the Christmas edition/selection.  I have to say I agree!  My items came in the mail this week and I am loving them!
I am not a huge fan, but I do like the bag this month.  I like the larger bags just because I find it hard to fit all my products in it that I like to carry in my purse when it is this small.  I loved the teal and gun metal size bags b/c they fit my items perfectly!  Other than the bag though I am loving all my items.
The Tarte mascara does NOT disappoint.  I mean I am ready to go buy a full size as soon as I finish this sample size.  I am enjoying the length, fullness, hold and lack of fallout from this mascara.  Most importantly though I am enjoying that it does not aggravate my sensitive baby blues and is from a great and healthy vision company!

I love NYX products and this balm is no exception.  I had previously only tried glosses, lipstick and lipliner, but this balm is very moisturizing and actually has a great lip color to go along with it.  Now that being said, mine is a bright red so I can't really use my balm if I have any other type of color on my lips that day:(
The brush is great.  It does not shed, is very soft and picks up the product very easily.  I do not really like dual ended brushes just because it is hard to keep it organized without messing up one of the ends, but I do like what I am able to do with both ends in terms of detail, precision, etc. on my face.
I have not used the last two products (a shimmer eye product from Pixie and a face wash from BWC, but I am excited to try them due to the reviews I have read, the swatch I did on my hand of the eye product, and that BWC is (beauty without cruelty)

One of my favorite parts this month was the card that came with it.  I found it immensely sweet and fun! So I had to post it to my IG acocunt immediately:)

As always if you are interested in getting your own bag to try out new and fun products please check out Ipsy here!