Into the Storm, Movie Review

I did not want to watch this movie.  In fact I was opposed to it right from the onset.  However, I must admit that everyone I watched it with has the right, maybe obligation, to say I told you so.  I was expecting a sci-fi take on Sharknado meets Twister (not sharks being in there, but kind of cheesy).  Now I love Twister, so huge reason why I was so ehh.  I was so wrong.  This is similar to Twister in that it involves people who chase storms for scientific data, but that is pretty much where it goes on a different path. 

* I loved the documentary approach,  It is not what I was expecting, but it put the story into a more realistic format since so many of the characters were involved because of their filming prowess/ideas.
*The relationships between the different characters,  The relationships that existed for a while and those that formed in the path of the storm.  The tension between children and parents, the overall kindness of mankind to each other and then two favorites of mine.
*I absolutely could not stop laughing at and loving the two drunk stunt/risk taker wannabes.
*The shock of a relationship that did not form (until the last scene I was waiting for two characters to fall in love), seriously is something I loved.  I just knew that two of them were going to find true love (hello Speed right?)
*The special effects...phenomenal.  While I still love Twister, the visual effects in this movie made those tornados a wee bit less exciting.(Though I must say Twister still beats it all with the line about having cows during the water twister)  The fire tornado was my favorite twister in this movie!
*The movie was cheesy, but in such a way that I loved it

*The outlandishly extreme amounts of tornados that were all of a serious level.  I do not know a lot about weather patterns, norms, etc., but they had twisters everywhere and in all directions for almost the entire movie.
*While I understood the ending, it made me sad, so I must put it into the con list:/

Memorable Quotations:
Cheerleader: [eyes closed, fingers crossed] Please marry a rich guy. Please marry a rich guy. Please marry a rich guy.
Trey: Uh, we're rolling. So, what would you like to say to yourself in 25 years?
Cheerleader: That was it.

Pete: It's an instinct game. And she ain't got it.

Gary Morris: "This is what you guys do for a living, you go around chasing trouble?"
Allison Stone: "They chase. I study."

As you can probably tell I enjoyed this movie.  It kept my attention the entire time and while I did find it beyond cheesy and unrealistic I enjoyed essentially every moment of it.  Has there been a movie that you were certain you were going to hate and then you loved it?