Little Orchid's Sea Monster Trouble by Claudine Gueh Yanting, Book Review

General Information
Genre: Middle School/ Children
Publisher: CarryUsOff Books
Published: April 8, 2014

Book Summary: (Per Amazon)
"If we take a special one from the sea, the sea will take a special one from us." 

Or maybe, Little Orchid thinks, a not-so-special one. 

It begins with a desperate wish to prove to Ma that she isn't sprouting nonsense about the Giant Cuttlefish. Yet when Little Orchid encounters the sea monster face-to-face, she can only stand by and watch helplessly as it gets killed for dinner. Horror and guilt wash over her. That night, Little Orchid wakes up and finds boils all over her body, her nose and mouth stretched, and her fingers transforming into creature-like arms. 

With an unexpected storm approaching, and without a proper goodbye to her family, Little Orchid must now leave home and start a new life as a sea monster. 


LITTLE ORCHID'S SEA MONSTER TROUBLE is a middle-grade story about the frail trust between children and mothers, the resilience of family love, and the strength summoned when we are staring straight at our monster selves. (Age 9 & up)

My Thoughts:
I enjoyed this book.  The story telling was fluid and the lesson behind the story was a valuable one.  It is clearly a book for age 9 and up though because it is a very short and fast read.  The only thing that would make me say it is more for children completely is the artwork.  While the pictures are great; they actually seem geared to and for children. They actually led me to believe this was a book for younger children until I started reading the story.

Many parts of this story resonated with me, and this is why I think adults would enjoy and can learn from this book.  The main parts are those that took place while Little Orchid was a sea monster.  The octopus and lobsters were so wise and loving in relaying their point of views/lessons.  I loved that Claudine took animals not usually used and in some case feared by children to relay valuable ideas.  The ending of this book melds both worlds together in a very sweet ending that readers all can enjoy and take a different importance.

Memorable Quotation
"Before I drifted off to sleep, I thought of how being a small place in a big world wasn't such a terrible idea.  Frightening, but not terrible.  At least it gave you the chance to find out how strong and powerful you could be."

"Even if she thought I brought trouble and spoke nonsense, she did still love me. And that was enough."

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Disclaimer: I received this book in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions and thoughts are my own.


  1. I just found out about this review. Thank you so much for taking the time to read Little Orchid's story and to write your thoughts on it!

    1. I am so glad you checked out my review! I enjoyed your book and am so touched that you stopped by my blog:) Thank you!


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