Now You See Me, Movie Review

I wanted to see this movie from the first time I saw the preview.  It has such an amazing and diverse cast that I knew it would interesting and that everyone had some importance.  I watched this the other night and I am still thinking of how all the items took place.  In fact I really have no con's for the movie...except one..which I will talk about below:)

*The cast.  They are just amazing in general, have great careers behind and ahead of them, but in this movie they just shine!  I love the dynamic they bring, the depth to the characters and how fascinating they help this movie come across as.
*The flow of the movie.  It kept me on my toes, trying to find the tricks and really understanding that the lines these characters say were very important!
*The magic tricks.  They were amazing.  I am not usually captivated by magic, but wow, even seeing the explanation behind many of the tricks I was in awe of the creativity, the professionalism, the skill and overall effect.
*The twist at the did not see that coming.  I figured the person behind the scene was going to be two or three different characters depending on what scene the movie was on...I was wrong..WRONG on all counts..and loved the movie even more because of it.

*The underlying premise was that the hoursemen are to help ensure justice and right wrongs (or that is what I took from it), but by the end of the movie I was left wondering was it just a case of revenge?  I might not feel that way if it showed what took place next or how they continued helping, but the way it was left I felt like yeah some people had their situation improved, but it was all in a quest for a type of revenge.

Memorable Quotations
Merritt McKinney: When I first met you, I thought you were kind of a... dick.
Merritt McKinney: No, no. That's it.
J. Daniel Atlas: That's very nice. I'm touched.
Merritt McKinney: Yeah, just from the heart.
J. Daniel Atlas: Well, I didn't say where I was touched.

J. Daniel Atlas: The closer you think you are, the less you'll actually see.

Merritt McKinney: I'm just trying to create the space for wisdom.
J. Daniel Atlas: Okay, so you're like Buddha, if he wasn't so enlightened.
Merritt McKinney: And you're like Jesus, if he was arrogant and all of his miracles were fake.

As you can tell from my only one con, I loved this movie.  What did you think?