So Delicious Greek Style Yogurt, GF & DF Review

I can only begin to explain how excited I was when my local Harris Teeter started carrying So Delicious Greek Style Yogurt!  I love is truly one of my favorite snacks, treats, meals, etc.  I think it might be the best food staple a person can have...want something sweet..yogurt can be your friend, need a breakfast..why hello yogurt.

But then..oh then I started reacting to gluten and dairy laden food...seriously still cry worthy in my mind.  Bubye yogurt..hello..well still not sure!  Then I started the research train and found So Delicious milks and their website said yogurt...I just couldn't find it locally..until NOW!

The price is well honestly it is pricey.  I have found them with almond milk and coconut milk.

My store has them for 1.59 a in EACH..but when you eat them any irritation goes away.  I have tried vanilla and blueberry and loved them!  I did still get a hint of almond with the almond milk varieties, so if you are adverse to almond flavor items you might want to just try one before you buy several!
The cocunut milk varieties are my favorite though!  I have tried all but the chocolate one (haven't found it) and they are davoon.  I mean each flavor is a treat and so delicious.  I have used the plain with fruit and granola, cooking or just by itself and it works fantastically

So the only con I have is the price and that is because I like to eat one (or more) a day and if you are on a budget (I am) it can push that budget to its limit!

Have you tried their yogurt?  What did you think?