Toffee-tastic, girl scout cookies, gluten free review

Straight up these cookies are amazing.  So good, so fun and did not hurt my stomach at all.  The only two negatives (in my book anyway) are that each box is $5 and that the box only contains 1 row of cookies which equals 14 cookies total.  I kid you not, you will like these cookies so much that after 14 cookies you are like wait more please. Though, knowing there is only 14 I have allocated 2-4 cookies a day:) So maybe that shouldn't be a negative but a yay and thank you for keeping me on my diet:)-  Additionally, while the cost is somewhat high I can appreciate all the goodness that the money goes to in supporting the girl scouts, their goals and opportunities!

I have not had a chance to try the gluten free girl scout cookies before (my area did not sell them last year), but after trying these this year I hope that girl scouts keep making more gluten free options and selling them in more areas!