means spring is here...right..right..RIGHT??!!?!?

Oh my goodness I do not know about y'all, but this weather is just crazy!  We had a gorgeous 60 degree weather yesterday and today..well today was in the 30's, cold, rainy and just no good! Well, that is an exaggeration since I did get a great nap in today:)

With that opening though, I have missed blogging and reading other blogs and finding new books, authors, gluten free goodies, etc. to try and review!  With the ice and snow NC has had the pleasure of receiving the last two weeks my internet, power and oh yes water have been iffy at best.  Talk about learning to appreciate what I have!  Also to appreciate the men and women who work with our utilities.  The service and speed that they have fixed my home each time is incredible and my heartfelt gratitude and respect goes their way!

I must say though that the snow was gorgeous at first and I loved..loved...LOVED seeing my little furbabies romp around the snow piles in the backyard!  If you follow me on IG you will see their escapades for yourself! (@msmegv)

Now that I have my internet, heat and water back I am so excited for March and to get back to reviews!!  This month alone I am already so excited for quite a few things:

  • Charlotte NC has a gluten free expo!!
  • Another 5k to complete and fingers crossed get a PR
  • 2 of my favorite authors are releasing books!
  • Spring..hello gorgeous flowers
  • Trying out some new gluten free face care products

I also plan on posting a backdated blog about the fantastic and fun filled weekend I had at the dub with four of my favorite ladies!  #ProudtobeaSeahawk!

How has this weather treated y'all?  Any fun March plans?