NoGii Product Review

At the GFAF Wellness Event I attended last weekend I was stunned by the generosity of all of the vendors with the amount of samples they provided at the table, but also that they put in the bloggers swag bag.  One of the brands that attended the event was NoGii.  If you are a fan of Elisabeth Hasselbeck or just have heard of her, you probably have heard of this brand.  This company provided 5 bars from its Paleo, High Protein and D'Lites lines.

After trying the full size samples I think everyone should try out this brand.  If you go to their website you will see that they carry a very diverse variety of bars: High Protein, Super Protein, D'Lites, Paleo, Kids and new is a Protein powder.  I have tried protein, gluten free bars from a variety of companies and some of have been very good, some not so much.  All 5 of the bars form NoGii were good, admittedly some were better than the others (as in they tasted like dessert), but they were all good.  Additionally, as I was reading the booklet for information I saw a few more types that I would love to try out.
I also appreciated how straight forward the company is on the packaging.  It says whether it is paleo, gluten free, etc.  For those of us who do have to look for other allergen information the packaging is key.  If you are following a certain diet this company also makes it easy to find out the caloric and nutritional information.  I was very pleased by the protein breakdown of these bars, but was slightly unsure about the fiber count and the sugar count on a few of the bars since I do have family members with diabetes and reoccurring bouts of diverticulitis. 

I had my mom try these bars out with me.  We disagreed on the order of which ones were the best, but we both agreed that we wanted to find these and carry them with us while running errands, at work, etc.  My favorite was the Chocolate Coconut...yum! (pictured below) Both the chocolate and coconut were evident in the taste, the texture was crunchy but still smooth and it held together quite nice instead of crumbling as we tried it out.
My mother's favorite (and y'all it is amazing) was the D'lite.  She tried this at the GFAF Wellness event and raved about it all the way home.  When I showed her mine in the swag bag she was like can I try it too! haha.  Of course I said yes because how exciting is it to find a protein bar that is gluten free and delicious!!
Now another thing that I thought was fantastic about this company and these bars is that there in an option for those who cannot have dairy.  I am at minimum lactose intolerant, at maximum a lot more since I get ill frequently from most dairy products.  This is a huge problem as I adore cheese and chocolate!  NoGii has a paleo line which made me very excited because I am slowly working my way paleo since I do feel tremendously better when I eat meals that take out dairy, gluten, soy, etc.  These two bars were Nuts about Nuts and Nuts about Tropical Fruit.  My mom and I went different ways here.  She enjoyed the Nuts about Nuts more, while I enjoyed the Nuts about Tropical Fruit more!  Both were very good and the ingredient list was very pleasing and simple to read:)

All 5 tasted delicious, were filling and did not leave my stomach hurting, bloated, etc.  While not pictured the Chocolate Mint bar was fantastic!  It was very light and if you love mint is a must try.  Mom and I tried it first and our eyes lit up with pleasure because of how it tasted.  It was like eating a healthy dessert (isn't that everyone's dream?!?!). It was quite exciting to have bars that have a good taste, texture and aftertaste that filled me up and did not make me uncomfortable or sick afterwards!            
                                                                                                                                Have you tried the NoGii bars yet?   What were your favorites? Do you use protein bars frequently? Any others I should try out?  Let me know!!