Cooking Classes, Gluten-Free Recipes and for Free?!?!?!?

That title sounds amazing right?  Then to see the picture that says DONUTS? I wish I lived where this class was because I would be there!  So if I don't live in IL why am I writing about this?  I met GF Mom Certified the other weekend at the GFAF Wellness Event I attended.  I was very impressed with her, her knowledge and how her cookbooks were very user friendly and not intimidating for those new to GF or cooking!

What this event is~
GF Mom Certified, Tiffany Hinton, is hosting a cooking class.  There will be a cooking demonstration, samples and recipes!  The store has expanded their gluten free offerings and now has gluten free cooking classes.  GF Mom Certified was invited to participate!! What a great chance for customers to try before we buy right?

When is the event~
Sunday April 12 @ noon

Where is the event~
Williams-Sonoma at Old Orchard Mall in Skoie, IL.  Phone number is 847-933-9803

What does it cost? is FREE!!  However, you do have to call the store and RSVP.

That is not it!!!~
You will also be able to get an extra 10% off your in-store purchase the day of the event!

If you live in that area I hope you can attend and enjoy the yummy donuts!