Gluten Free on College Campus?!?!?!?

I was on Facebook today and saw an article via the GFAF Wellness Events page that shared some incredible news.  The University of Connecticut has opened up a gluten-free bakery on campus.  I have a strong background with higher education, loved my time at my university (go Seahawks!!) and stay active in following student affair trends, so I was thrilled to see this development.  I think it is a great stride for those with food allergies that this school is taking the step of having a dedicated facility to create these dishes for all of the dining facilities rather than just offer processed or pre-made gluten free items.
picture is from the mentioned article.
You can find the link to the article here.

Did you have trouble with gluten in college?  I was not aware of my intolerance to gluten at that time.  Everyone just thought I occasionally had upset stomach's, headaches, body aches, etc. as part of being over-tired, over-worked, etc.  I imagine it is very exciting and calming to know that schools are starting to embrace the need for food options to those with an allergy or intolerance.