Gwynnie Bee~ A Clothing Subscription Service~ Review

So on Facebook you always see those Sponsored ads right?  Well I saw them for Gwynnie Bee all the time, but I never clicked on it...until I did!  I am part of a great weight loss and health group of women on Facebook.  You name the issue and the group has or will talk about it.  One such thing is as we are losing or gaining or plateauing in our weight loss journey is what are some options for clothing since plus size clothing is down right pricey!

Several options were shared, a clothing exchange was even created, but one I also wanted to learn more about and have enjoyed for 2 months now was Gwynnie Bee.  In brief, GB is a rental company for plus size clothing (sizes 10-32), with an option to buy at a reduced price if you love the item.  Sounds great right!

When you go to the website you choose a plan and then create your closet from a vast selection of clothes.  While you are looking for clothes there are reviews, size suggestions, etc. to help you out.  This is so much fun because I have used this to try on new brands, styles, trend, etc. that I would probably never try if I had to purchase it from the get go.  Once you sign up and have clothes in the closet the fun begins!  They will send you an email when they ship your product out, tell you which item from the closet was selected and when you should expect to receive it in the mail (typically it has been 2 days for me.)  Then when you get it in the mail..enjoy!!

I have received my packages thus far in a box or a bag depending on if I was receiving 1, 2, 3, or 4 items at a time.  The pictures in this review are from when I received two items.  I received a box (they do ship to PO boxes) and when I opened it I immediately saw some lovely purple tissue paper wrapping up my clothes.  I thought the little bee sticker was adorable!  I mean I love all the little touches this company has provided with their services.  The picture to the left is a sheer black tank/tunic with decorative holes around the collar, hem and down the back.  I wore it with a blank cami underneath and loved it!  I did not purchase it however, but I did not enjoy how much of the cami it showed from the underarm area.  But never fear, Gwynnie Bee has your returns covered as well!  In the box that the shirt came in they provide a pre-paid envelope.

When you are ready to return your item(s) you just put it in the envelope, take of the seal to the sticker, seal the clothing in and voila! they are ready for the post office.  After that I take them to the post office and have them scan the pre-paid part so that I could have a receipt and so the tracking information would go live.  Then I return to Gwynnie Bee website, mark it down as being shipped back and wait for my next closet items!