Luce's Gluten Free Artisan Bread, Review

Easy to make, easy to store and delicious to eat!  If you are looking for a way to have fresh, gluten free and free of many other common allergens (differ based off of which bread product) then you need to check out Luce's Gluten Free Artisan Bread.  I have tried the Classic Sourdough and the New Italian.  Both were fantastic and consumed (quickly) by my entire family!

Along with the taste, ability to eat bread and not get ill, and the knowledge that the two breads I tried were also dairy free, I love how easy this company has made it to actually bake bread.  The package comes with everything you need except for the bowl for mixing, the spoon for stirring, the spatula for forming your loaf, the water for the dough and the oven.  Seriously, all you have to add is water (at least for the two types of bread listed above.)  Additionally Luce's has other bread selections such as Flatbread, Buckwheat, Rye and Pancake Mix.  The website is extremely user friendly with very tempting pictures of each of the products.  I quickly was able to find out what allergens each of the products were free of, the nutritional information for each and the actual ingredients.  This information is also on the packaging that held the goodies to create my loaves of bread!  

When the 85 minutes were up and I walked back into the kitchen, my goodness the smell was divine.  It was warm, inviting and delicious!  I heard my parents from another room saying when can we cut into it and it smells so good!  I made us wait for the recommended time, but I did take a picture when I first opened the bag from the oven.  How amazing is this!!  After opening the bag, enhaling all the yummy smell I could I set it out on the cooling rack so that it could settle and that we then could partake in this gluten free treat!

Have you tried any of Luce's breads?  Which ones were your favorite?  Have you tried any other breads that are gluten-free, potentially dairy free and can be made at home? (I mean having that fresh baked bread smell in your kitchen is the epitomy of homey and warm right?!?!)