Lush 'Haul" and Review

The other day my mom and I took a day trip to Charlotte, NC so that we could have fun, shop a bit and go find the Lush store that is closest to us!  After almost finishing my message bar from my first Lush purchase I was ready to go try more items and replenish what I had purchased initially!   If you want to know more about my first purchase and/or the Lush brand check out my post here.

So this time my mom wanted to try some products and we both knew we wanted to buy some products.  I must say I walked into the store and I loved it.  Every minute was an experience in being pampered, learning and smelling so many great things.  We walked in, were immediately greeted and had a sales person asking if we needed anything.  I shared it was the first time to a store, that I only recently had been introduced to Lush and that I had sensitive skin and some allergy/intolerance issues.  She was fantastic.  She got a consultant, introduced me to her and also got my mom her own consultant so that both of our individual needs could be met!  My consultant was awesome.  I told her about how I react, that I wanted to try to some products and that I was confused by some products.  We talked some more and then she went to get items to show me 1)how to use and 2)how they smelled.

 I enjoyed almost all of them.  The one I did not enjoy was the Grass shower gel.  The smell was not that pleasant (though she told me it might not be & to give it a chance as we built on that we the Rose Body Conditioner).  So that part did improve, but my health issues to wheat popped up and my arm started turning red almost immediately.  So the Grass was a no go for me:(  BUT every other product we tried was great and I know now to stay away from the products that have wheat in them. (I know that should have been an obvious one for me).  My mom was given the shower gel Flying Fox and it smelled amazing!  What really impressed me though was that after we tried everything, since my arm was still red and itching, I asked if I could have samples to take home and try individually to see if I was reacting to anything else.  They were so nice and gave my mom and me samples of everything we tried!  We took home samples of Flying Fox, Dream Cream and Ro's Argan Body Conditioner.  As we were checking out I asked what was all the items I saw discussing Ocean Salt and my consultant just made another sample and said try it I think you will love it!  The customer service, knowledge  and understanding about skin/health issues was fantastic!

So, I know how is this a haul if I just got samples.  Don't you worry lovelies!  I still purchased message bars, toothy tabs and a fresh face mask!  I am in love with everything I purchased.  I purchased the following items:

BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask
Massage Bar YES YES YES
Sparkle Toothy Tabs
Massage Bar Tin

I love all three products, but I must say I still enjoy the scent of the Pearl Massage Bar more.  I did not purchase another one while I was there because they were sold out of that massage bar.  However, I am not fully out of the one I previously purchased so I currently use both, just one at night and one in the morning after my shower.  I also am a HUGE fan of the toothy tabs.  It is amazing how different, in a positive way, my mouth feels after trying this tabs out for 3 weeks now.  I do enjoy the Fresh Face Mask, but I think next time I will try another one.  I have had a hard time getting all the seaweed off my face and while my face is calmer, I do not really notice much of a difference.  I have found three others on their website that I plan on asking about when I return next time!

My mom also made some purchases.  She has told me several times that they are incredible, but that she is enjoying her message bar the most, especially on her leg muscles when she gets back from work each day!  She purchased the following items:
Love Lettuce Face Mask
Massage Bar Wiccy Magic Muscles
Atomic Toothy Tabs
Message Bar Tin

Overall we had a fantastic experience learning, shopping and having a fun mother-daughter day at Lush and in Charlotte!  I can't wait to continue using what we purchased and going back to replenish and/or try new things!  I saw on some of the vlogs I follow a few products that I can't wait to try such as:
Lovely Jubblies
Buffy or Aqua Mirabilis
Mint Julips lip scrub

Do you have a wishlist or next purchase list for Lush? Or any brand?  Let me know!

*all pictures were found via bing image searches.