March Favorites~ Books

Get ready to add some books to your TBR list because these three favorites of mine are mindblowingly fantastic!!  I knew I was going to love one because this author has never let me down, but the other two authors were new to me. Wow, let me just say again wow.  These stories were so good! I read Soaring by KA the day it came out (I admit I am a fan of her work!), it has stuck with me since I read it.  Even as I write this I am torn about my favorite part/moment of it.  I read Nightbird 3 weeks ago and still am fascinated by the ease the author created a whole new world where magic and reality meet.  Then, my last favorite (though I read many good books this month) was The Great Zoo of China.  I finished it a week and half ago, but I am still in awe over this story and all its adventure.

If you click on the title it goes to my review of the below book.