Subscription Services~ Love With Food Haul & Review (April)

This is my favorite subscription service to date!  As I shared in my previous Love With Food post I saw this company all over Facebook, but did not check out the website until I saw an unboxing video by CoffeeBreakWithDani.  Her video looked so good!  I have to say that at two boxes now I love this company, what they stand for and what they send my way!

So just to share the important information:

  • For every box you buy they provide a meal to a child in need or 2 meals if you buy a larger box.
    • I purchase the gluten free box so my box provides 2 meals to children in need.
  • Thus far the company has provided over 400,000 meals
  • As you accumulate points you can get food items for free
    • You receive points in a variety of easy to do methods
  • If you like items in your box they sell them at their online store
  • They have 3 boxes to chose from for your home and now have 3 boxes to chose from for your office. (price varies by box selection)

If you are interested, and I mean hello first box can be FREE or 50% off if you get the gluten free box (you do pay shipping) then please check the company, their website, how they give back and more HERE

So now that you have some important information lets get to the yummy part..what I got in this month's box!!  I am not discussing each item the box had, but just some that stuck out to me!
Look at how packed this box is!  Both boxes have been this full of products, coupons, gift cards etc.  It is truly a fun treat to open the box and see all the goodies!  I did not take a picture, but one brand I want to discuss is the PopCorners.  They provided two bags (different flavors) and I am so glad.  I had heard of the brand, never found it in a local store and they were the first thing I tried!  The chili one was to much for me, but my mom loved it.  The kettle flavor goodness it might be the favorite chip type snack I have ever tried. so good and so smart to provide different flavors!
If you like almond butter you have to try it.  If you have family or friends that are hesitent to try almond butter get this one.  I had family try it on toasted bread with local honey..rave reviews!
The chips were out of this world great.  The hummus was pretty bland.  I like my hummus to have a bit of a taste and this was sadly lacking.  However, the concept of a snack box, the quinoa chips were wonderful!
Everything I have found and had from this brand is just delicious.  As a snack or cereal I loved this product! 
So fun and so good!  It had just enough sweetness to make it a treat, but not overly sweet to where I felt like it was to much.  The packet was the perfect size for taking it travel/work/snacking! 
My favorite for this box in terms of a sweet.  It was lemony, crunchy, desserty, and more.  I was beyond happy they put two bars in there because the next day I was like umm where is that second bar! So refreshing and good.  I will purchase this and look into more flavors from this brand. 
This was good, but not my favorite coconut water to date.  I had to have it extremely cold to drink which was not practical for when I tried to take it with me in the car for running errands.  I have had a hard time getting into coconut water though so I think people should definitely give it a try.  What do y'all think about coconut water?  I love coconut milk, just the water is a bit much for me!!

So those are some of the products, but not all...seriously this box was packed!  I am enjoying tasting so many items that I do not have adverse reactions to and sharing them with my family!  I also am already wondering about next month..what will it be, what all will I love, etc.  They do have a sneak peak video  for those that are interested but still hesitent!

Do you get this box? Another subscription snack box for gluten free or dairy free individuals? What are your favorite snacks?