Devon's Choice by Catherine Bennett, Book Review

General Information
Genre: Christian Romance
Publisher:Clean Reads
Published Date: January 12, 2015

Book Summary (Per Goodreads)
Life holds no surprises for Devon Murphy. Her life consists of keeping tabs on her aging Irish father, working part time at a coffee shop, and building her online graphics design business. Devon’s only tricky situation is a shallow relationship with the pampered and affluent Michael Turner, who sees her as just another woman to conquer. 

Following his father’s death, Brandon’s only goal is to expand the family business and live life on his own terms. That is, until he walks into the coffee shop one snowy evening and meets the enchanting, red-haired barista behind the counter. But can Devon and Brandon’s attraction for each other be strong enough to help erase their deepest disappointments and renew their faith in God? 

My Thoughts
Overall this was a quick and good read.  The characters were well developed and relate-able.  I enjoyed the interactions between Devon and her father the most.  I really could visualize the dynamic between the two and their conversations.  I thought Catherine Bennett did an excellent job in describing the scenes, emotions and conflicts within the book.  

My hesitation to go further and say this book is a favorite is because parts of the story were predictable and the ending was what I expected from almost the beginning of the book.  This is just me, but I like my romances, thrillers, mystery, YA, etc. to have some twists in there.  This book does introduce a "villain", but not in such a way as the character is of any real importance.

If you like the sweet reads where the character has some conflict in their life, meets someone, grows together but has a wee bit of conflict that is readily overcome by the last page you will love this book.  If you like more surprises and WHATT moments this book will still be enjoyable because again the characters are very well developed and relate-able, but this book will probably not make it to your favorite shelf.

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Disclaimer:  I received this book in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own!