Essential Oils~ Touching Base

Hello lovelies...I have held off on updating y'all because I wanted to give a good amount of time to keep learning about these oils, see how they work with me, see how they work on my parents, etc.

Since I made my first purchase of essential oils, I have made 3 more and y'all I am in love with these oils!  They have made such a difference in a variety of ways.  My mom and I split each order and I have used this time to slowly start learning more and more about the oils (history, uses, research, etc.) and I must say I am extremely impressed and floored at their effectiveness and ease of use.

Now these are not a cure for any illness, diagnosis, etc., but they have helped me out with several of my health issues (headaches and stomach issues for just a few).  Every order has contained the oils to create a headache helper blend and an oil that helps calm or soothe the stomach.  Again, it has not cured me of any health issues but boy does it help calm the side effects that I experience from them!  Additionally my mom has been taking the life long vitality supplements and is loving them.  If you want to know more details please just let me know and I will blog about them or I will gladly discuss them individually.

I have mainly used my oils topically, but I have also diffused a few and tried some in my water.  Ingesting the oils is a bit tough for me because it is leaves a residue on my lips at times.  However, diffusing them is fantastic because they all have great scents so far (Again I am new to oils so my collection and my experiences are not that vast yet).  Applying topically has been the easiest and quickest way for me to utilize and appreciate these oils so far.  If I am having a flare up with my inflammation I go to my Deep Blue and am amazed at the success I have enjoyed from it (also love the smell!).  Headache...I quickly get to my oils or blend if it is already made up and rub it on my temples and the back of my neck.  It does take a little bit to work, but considering my headaches usually put me down and out for a long time I am very impressed with the ability of oils to help alleviate some of the pain associated with my headaches.  Then, DigestZen is maybe my favorite oil to date.  I carry it with me on the road, to dad's doctor appointments, essentially everywhere!

Having such success and positive experiences with myself I am starting to utilize the oils such as lemon in my laundry, cleaning, trying grapefruit, lemon or wild orange in my water and researching more blends to try out!  The latest one I tried was for bug repellent and dealing with mosquito bites.

If you would like to learn more please research away or feel free to contact me!  Additionally if you are interested in any of the blends or specific oils I mentioned you can find them here.

The pictures I provided here are my first three orders.  I am excited to receive my next order because it has some new oils that I am ready to try out and create some more blends to help alleviate pain, tension, allergies and more!  I have found blends for helping with some issues my parents face and will share with y'all later if these blends did work for them in helping cut or lessen any symptoms!

Hope y'all are having a great week and thanks for checking out this post!