Hold On by Kristen Ashley, Cover Reveal

I love KA books.  Simple statement and true fact.  If you are new to my blog you need to check her books and website out (there are a lot to chose from and any are great starting places!) If you are not new to my blog... well that statement was not a surprise to you:)

This month..as in just a few short weeks..we get the next installment from KA in the Chaos series..and I CANNOT WAIT!!! I mean look at this cover and the teaser chapters are just that  haha a tease because when I hit the last page I was like noooo but YASSSSS to the story!

But in the meantime as we count the days down KA has gone on and released the date for the next book and its COVER!  Seriously she must never stop writing (for which I am grateful) because my goodness she is a machine at turning out these fantastic stories!

So without further ado here is the next cover and release date from Kristen Ashley!

Picture is from Facebook
Release date of September 1, 2015!!!  This is Merry and Cher's story and it is the finale of the 'Burg series which has some of the best characters EVER (in my humble opinion)

I can't ever come up with a favorite story, series or character because each time I re-read a KA book that is my favorite until I read the next.  Do you have a favorite?  Let me know!