Orgain~ Organic Vegan Nutritional Shake, Gluten Free/Dairy Free Review

On my quest to find foods or meals that I can consume without facing any digestive issues, I have tried a whole slew of shakes and meal replacement options.  Some have been okay, some decent and some just gross.  In a world of trying to find gluten free options there is more and more each day, but finding items gluten free that are also dairy free has been slightly more challenging.

I was reading some blogs and conference websites the other day and came across this brand.  I went to their website to check pricing, ingredients and how long to ship to my home because rarely do I find these items locally...BUT watch out because Orgain does sell their product in my county.  The website listed 4 locations, but 3 of the 4 did not have it when I went to shop.  However, my last stop did have this product and I am so glad because it was DELICIOUS.

It was filling, had a great taste, no bad aftertaste or texture and did not cause any digestive upsets.  All in all a great win and find for me!  I do wish the vegan line had more flavors or options than just Vanilla and Chocolate, but if dairy is not an issue for you there are other flavors in their non vegan line!  I also am impressed by the protein, ingredients and ability to create such a good product without having to include gluten, dairy or soy!

The store did not have the Chocolate in stock, but I know I will continue to go back to try the chocolate and to keep purchasing the Vanilla.  You can order via their website as well if you find that they are not sold locally in your area.  Also if shakes are not your cup of tea they have a variety of other products for meal replacements, protein powders, nutrition shakes, and even something for the kids!

Let me know if you try it out!  Do you have any dairy/gluten free products you would recommend?