Tea Time With My Ms. Taylor

Today is National Iced Tea day.  Did you know that?  Did you know such a thing existed?  I did not, but since I saw it on IG from many of the tea brands that I love I thought Ms. Taylor and I would make a quick post!  So go get yourself a nice tea (or coffee if you must:)-..) and enjoy!

Today's tea brand is a tie.  I know I know, but I had some tea at home which was delicious and got a green tea on the road when I was taking a parent to the doctors.  So the first tea was from the Republic of Tea.  If you have not tried this brand of tea you should.  They have such a variety of hot teas, cold teas, caffeinated teas, decaf teas, loose leaf teas, etc.  Today I drank their Strawberry Basil Green Tea (I think I could take an IV of this..it is that amazing)
But I also wanted to share a picture from their IG account because it is beautiful!  I saw this and immediately thought that perfectly captures the delicious calm and beauty of these teas!  I mean how vibrant are those colors..this makes me want to make another thing of tea:)

After I enjoyed my Republic of Tea beverage I hit the road with dad.  Our appointments lasted longer than expected so we stopped at Wendys for a drink.  While I was there I saw they now carry a drink called the Honest  Organic Green Tea.  So you know I had to get that!
I was pleasantly surprised by this tea.  It was a more mild green tea flavor than I am used to, but I enjjoyed that and found it quite refreshing.  I was intrigued by the "organic" in the label so when I got home I did look online to find out more information.  Here is the video that Wendy's has regarding their collaboration with the company Honest Tea (Which Ms. Taylor and I find to be a fantastic play on words).

Did you enjoy a nice glass of iced tea today for National Iced Tea day? Please share your favorite iced teas below!