Adventures in Oil Pulling~ Week #1

Last week I decided to start my adventure in oil pulling.  I had watched a few Youtube videos (I will place the main one below), researched online (hereherehere, and many more sites) and debated the merits of it for a while, but finally was like okay let's do this or we need to just stop thinking about it!  I will be honest my biggest two concerns were 1)20 minutes..yikes! and 2)just liquid oil in my mouth...for 20 minutes..uck

Organic coconut & Peppermint Essential Oil

I used the coconut oil because most of research suggested coconut oil for ease of use, results and health benefits. I also enjoy the smell of coconut, cook with coconut oil and thought it might make my experience a wee bit easier of a transition! I used the peppermint because I read it helps with fresh breath and well who doesn't want that?

Day 1 I was like wow that 20 minutes went by so quickly!  I had no problem swishing and swooshing away since I just did laundry and dishes as I went about oil pulling.  Once done 1)my cheeks hurt and 2)my mouth did feel very fresh.  
Day 2~ not so easy.  I took my shower while doing the oil pulling and 1)caught myself not swishing or swooshing, 2)almost swallowed it when I would rinse my hair (lesson to me was apparently I am not good at multi-tasking with some events) and 3)had a very hard time with the amount of oil in my mouth.
Day 3~ avoided the shower while oil pulling and instead responded to emails.  I was amazed at how fast those 20 minutes went by! My cheeks were not hurting after this time and my mouth did still feel very fresh!
Day 4~ same
Day 5~ same
Day 6~ attempted the shower and oil pulling combo again...same issues came up for me:( I think this is just a no go for me!  I am thinking it is because I usually am thinking about how long my hair masque has been in place? face wash done? etc.? maybe? Also, I only could swish for about 15 minutes because I felt I was going to vomit from the oil.
Day 7~ swished and swooshed my way through emails!

Oil pulling is not that bad.  It does take a time commitment so while I tried to do it everyday in the am, there was one day where I could not because I had to have dad at the doctors first thing.  Now that is partly (large part) due to my planning, but the positive is I got to try this adventure at night.  I would not recommend it for me just because there will be many a night where I will be tired, busy, etc. and would not use oil pulling.

I have not done this long enough to talk about whether it helps my skin, whitens teeth, of any of the other health claims associated with oil pulling.  I can talk about how my mouth feels and how my week adventure went.  My mouth feels very clean and fresh even throughout the day and when I wake up. My teeth actually feel polished or smoother. Some days were easier than others.  I was grossed about when I would spit the oil out (side note~ do not swallow the oil you have been swishing...this holds the toxins you are trying to remove.)  The oil seemed to have increased in amount and it just was unappealing. After trying this for a week I know that I want to keep trying this method to see what type of results I might see, what benefits might come from it and what else I can learn about green or natural health remedies. 

Now I switched the type of organic coconut oil halfway through this week and it has made a HUGE difference.  The oil in the picture above created some blah and hesitancy for me to do this because I do not melt it first I just put the amount and peppermint on a spoon, put in my mouth and start moving it around.  With the oil in the first picture it stayed solid a bit longer than needed so it was not pleasant to say the least.  Mid week I switched brands, to the picture with the green label, and this was a great deal smoother and melted faster in my mouth causing me very little to no unpleasantness.

Here is the video I mentioned above that I referred to for more information and understanding about oil pulling.

**As with any product, plan or adventure that deals with health or your well being please make sure to research before trying.  Also make sure to check with your doctor if you have any questions or issues or concerns regarding your health and safety.  I am not a medical professional, nor do I try to present myself that way.  I am just sharing my experience as I research my way to a healthier and natural life!**