Promise Me (Alexa Reed #3) by Hilary Wynne, Book Review

General Information
Genre: Romance
Published: February 17, 2015

Book Summary (Per Author's Website)
It’s the romance novel you’ve been waiting for.

Promise Me is book three in the Alexa Reed series by Amazon bestselling author Hilary Wynne. 

Alexa Reed finally has it all: a new lease on life, a bright future with the man of her dreams, a job she loves, and a great group of friends. She believes in her own happiness again. 

Is it too good to last? 

Alexa’s bliss is short-lived when an unexpected situation threatens the love she and Julian share. Suddenly, she has to choose whether to STAY and HOLD ON, or run. 

The pain is too much. She runs. She runs away from Julian and from a life she can no longer be a part of. 

But love is never that simple and an unusual twist of fate leads them back to each other ... although everything is different. 

They’ve changed. 

Julian struggles to trust Alexa. She has a secret that threatens to ruin their fragile relationship. Alexa knows she has to tell Julian the truth, even if it destroys any chance of happiness. 

They say love conquers all, but can it conquer betrayal from someone who has promised to love you forever? 

My Thoughts
This series is amazing and I enjoyed this book immensely.  I would go as far to say that this series is epic:) (see what I did there?!?!) Book three was by far my favorite of the three and had the most ups and downs in regards to emotions and who I was cheering for in each situation. I learned about this series via a book conference website so I was able to read all three books right in a row which made me extremely happy (I would not have wanted to wait for the next release!!) 

The opening of book three picks up right after the cliffhanger of book 2. Talk about a OMG the secret and problem is back on Alexa! Immediately I imagine everyone started that internal debate of does she tell Julian or does she pretend it never happened?  How do they reconcile her decision about their relationship in book 2? These questions and so many other moments from the other books exemplify one of the main reasons I loved this series. Many times I read a romance novel I am struck by how pat a situation is; it is almost as if the emotions are missing except for sexual, but here in this story so many of the doubts, concerns and more are showcased and create relate able characters and situations.  We see all the family and friends in this book as well and I have come to love Danny, Mari (both of them), Lauren and more in this book.  Even though they are not the main focus they are well developed and I want to know do they find their own happiness!  If you liked the laughter, tears, cringe-worthy moments, dates, personal growth and change in the previous two books you will enjoy every page of this story!

As I read the ending to book three (and maybe re-read it several more times because it is just truly beautiful) I thought, and still think, as I write this review I hope we see more Alexa, Julian, Danny, Lauren and several other characters again!  (I really want to write more about the ending and moments up to the ending..but TOTAL spoiler if I do, so I am just going to say AMAZING and so memorable, sweet and perfect.) HW's writing style, ability to use words and emotions to create lovable moments, memorable characters and realistic situations has me ready to read more from her!

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