Skinny Habits: The 6 Secrets of Thin People by Bob Harper, Greg Critser, Book Review

General Information
Genre: Health, Mind & Body
Published: April 28, 2105
Publisher: Ballantine Books

Book Summary (Per NetGalley):
Bob Harper lets us in on the secret behaviors of people who not only lose weight but keep the pounds off for good—and make it look easy.
In Bob Harper's #1 New York Times bestselling book The Skinny Rules, the trusted trainer and coach of NBC's The Biggest Loser laid out the twenty nonnegotiable eating rules for getting thin.
In the process of helping countless men and women reach their weight loss goals, Harper has noticed six fundamental patterns in the lifestyle choices of those who succeed long-term—from the unique way they plan ahead to how they organize their environment and social calendars to even the way they dress. With his signature authority, colorful stories, and real-world solutions, Harper draws on the most up-to-date research related to habit formation, neuroplasticity, and cognitive behavioral psychology to show how feeding your brain—“the muscle between your ears”—can wield as much control over your weight as what you put in your mouth.
With anecdotes about his clients, guided steps for adopting your new practices, and tips for integrating them into your own daily routine, Skinny Habits has everything you need to shape your body and your life!

My Thoughts:
I requested this book because I am always interested in learning and (admittedly a big AND) Bob Harper is my favorite coach on The Biggest Loser.  There is something about how he is tough with the contestants, but always finds ways to show he cares and is listening that I find endearing, encouraging and if I was ever able to have a trainer/be in that situation would desire!  So with that in mind I expected a bit of tough love woven into this book and that is what I saw and enjoyed.

The writing style is exactly as if someone is sitting across from you, or perhaps taking a walk with you (see what I did there?!?!), and talking to you about your health and future plans.  Each habit is broken into attainable steps so that no one feels immediately overwhelmed or lost on how to start.  I thought it was great that examples were given of previous contestants that readers might remember or could look up.  It was very interesting to see the different studies and surveys that were mentioned discussing how people felt, what they used, etc.  My favorites were the ones regarding the band around the belly and those mentioned in the chapter about how to dress.  I started thinking about the clothes in my closet and yikes there might be some there longer than 2 years!!

I think this was a very quick and enjoyable read that made me think about my habits, how I could and should make some changes, BUT most importantly helped provide me a blueprint on how to do so in an attainable and long lasting manner.  As a final item that I enjoyed the most was that the entire book kept the sound as if Bob was here talking/coaching/mentoring me!!  I truly believe the work that trainers do is incredible and am glad that Bob (and other trainers) are releasing these books on how to improve your habits, life, health,etc.  I would recommend this book to those looking to improve their health or just thinking about how habits are formed.

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Disclaimer:  I received this book in exchange for an honest review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.