Raleigh NC Gluten & Allergen Free Wellness Event~ Tips and Tricks

I know I always try to research or find out information to get the most bang for the buck or experience as much as I can when I go to events.  To help y'all achieve the same goal I wanted to share some tips that I found on the GFAF Wellness Event Facebook as well as some of what I have learned at the other two events I attended!

It does get crowded.  So definately wear comfortable clothing, shoes and release sometimes you may get bumped or bump into someone/something.

Such a good tip!  Most tables give some type of sample or product so it was great to have products to carry some of them..especially since many were sweet products.
Best tip out there!!  Do not be shy or worried about sharing other sensitivities!  These vendors and this event make sure to help us out.  I shared that I am dairy sensitive and every table was able to address or answer that concern.
The deals really are great!  I know I thought I had bought enough of something, but when I ran out I went to the website for this food product and was like noooo why didn't I buy more while I was there!

Other tips~
*Dress comfortably.  You will be on your feet for quite a while so make sure you are in shoes that will support that.
*Plan ahead of time what presenters you want to go to so that you can fit in all the vendors and your presenters!  These speakers have some great information and lessons to share with us.
*Do not be afraid to ask questions.  All the vendors I have talked to have shared with me their plans to grow in other areas of NC or online, etc. if they do not currently deliver/sell in my area.  They knew their products, business plan and more.  It was a delight to discuss all these items with such caring and knowledgeable businesses or health advocates.

I still have a few tickets left for you to attend this event for FREE!  So just email me if you are interested: First come first serve!

Until my next post..love y'all!