Why hello there!!

It feels like forever since I have posted.  I do apologize for the absence of reviews, talks, pictures, posts,etc.  We have had some family health issues taking place so I have not been near the computer for a bit.  But never fear my friends I have still been trying new products and reading on yes reading many a book!

So in the near future you should see some reviews about:

Caly's Kitchen
Kind Bars
NoGii Protein Shakes
Blissoma Natural Deodorant
Dermea products
Our House Mixes
In Bite snacks

Percy Jackson The Lighting Thief
The Bourbon Kings
Red Queen
Percy Jackson The Sea of Monsters
Hold On

Phew lots to catch up on, but I am so thankful y'all enjoy reading my blog and checking in with me!  Please keep the suggestions for new gluten free and natural products or books coming my way!

Until my next post...love y'all!