.99 cents for 20 stories AND it supports a great cause...WHAT!!

I met this wonderful author, LB Dunbar, at the SASS event this past weekend.   Her book covers and stories sound amazing!  However, today I want to share a project that she is part of that will be released on 10/30/2015.

That's right that sexy cover is an anthology that has 20 authors providing 20 different romances to help support breast cancer awareness.  If that is not enough to entice you to check it out ..get this the pre-order price is .99 cents.  Yes, for less than a dollar you can 1)get 20 different romances and 2)help support a wonderful cause.

So, now you are saying okay Meghan..where do I go get this amazing deal?!?!?!  Well look below my friends this anthology is available for pre-order at plenty of stores!

If you want to read some reviews and other blogger views check out the Goodreads page for this anthology here!!

To you 20 authors~ Thank you for creating more stories, more adventures and more love interests that not only entertain us readers, but also provide a way for us all to help support breast cancer awareness.